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Posted on June 21, 2015 by Simon Thompson

How to elevate your blog

Are you frustrated by all the energy and time you devote to your blog only to be neglected by the search engines. You are certainly far from alone. Everywhere you may go online, you find out how people are saying that blogging is dead. Perhaps there is some truth in it. If you are blogging the same way as everybody else in your industry or niche, then perhaps that’s the reason that you are getting lost in the crowd.

The number one rule to understand is that it’s not how good your blog is, it’s how good your blog promotion strategy is. Your blog promotion. It doesn’t matter how much great and valuable content that you have on your blog, if you can’t get the search engines to take notice. That’s why if you are considering blogging or if you’ve been blogging for a while without much traction, it’s time to take a step back and simplify. Firstly, start with doing the right targeted keyword research. You need to understand that there is a market behind what you are doing. And also, you need to clearly figure out how your target market is searching for your type of information online. Unfortunately, many bloggers do targeted keyword research or competitive analysis as an afterthought, if at all. Usually, new bloggers filled with passion and enthusiasm start blogging away with unbridled energy for a few months, only to realize that they have very few readers, yet alone subscribers. It then becomes harder and harder to sustain that passion to keep on writing if nobody appears to be reading, most quit soon after. SEO is crucial, optimising blogs and writing for SEO is a skill and art in itself.

However, the first step is awareness of your situation. You are far from being alone, there are fantastic blogs out there just like yours who have failed to gain a meaningful following. It’s inspiring that you are eager to share your passion with the world, however, there are millions of blogs just like yours clamoring to get eyeballs too. It’s important for you to realize that building up the energy to make blog posts is just the first part of the equation, the real work starts after the blog post is done – the promo part. It requires more energy and effort to do the blog promotion than the post itself. One could make a safe bet that your blog is something that you care passionately for, problems you want to solve for your target market and so on. Coming up with blog posts is part of your natural psyche. However, when it comes to blog promotion, few actually understand what to do. One can find so much misinformation everywhere. Most people waste time, money and energy chasing shiny objects and gimmicks that never materialize into actual results.

In order to boost results right off the bat, make it easy to share your work. When you publish on social media -facilitate the sharing of your pages on social media by your visitors and optimize the default visual that will be offered to people while sharing. Writing blogs for SEO and sharing via social media is a huge opportunity that many fail to capitalize on.

How to facilitate the sharing of its pages on social media?

Did you know that increasing the number of sharing options on your blog, you reduce the number of people who will eventually share your content? Neil Patel the blogging expert realized that adding 2 additional share options (LinkedIn and Pinterest) on its website (QuickSprout) had the effect of reducing the total number of 29% shares. On your website it can be tempting to give the most options, but remember that the more you increase the choice, the more you reduce the action. This is called the paradox of choice. It is important to keep your website as simple as possible, both in navigation and in the calls to action. People go to your website to find information, here is your main concern! We must also keep in mind the need for sharing is also simple and optimized for mobile. Try resizing the window of this website to provide an overview of what it looks like on mobile.

Develop a blog promo plan

Figure out a strategic plan to get your blog noticed. In other words, you have to treat your blog like a real business. It requires an independent promotion plan and strategy.   You can’t just sit back and hope the internet crowd discovers you. A strategic plan involves finding out who the influential experts in your industry are and then reaching them. You should execute a plan of action to get their attention and influence them to share your work with their networks. Build a list of the most influential people that can help you and execute a well-defined strategy to attract them. Optimizing blogs and maximizing sharing potential at least builds a solid framework for potential success.



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