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Posted on April 26, 2013 by Simon Thompson

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Keyword research is one of the foundations of search engine optimisation – but many web marketers fail to qualify their terms.

Misguided or inaccurate keyword research can lead to the waste of marketing time and money with little or no results to show.

But research is not the end of SEO keywords – just the start.

Blindly following keyword terms without looking at why the web user typed that specific phrase in to a search engine means just doing half the SEO job.

You need to know why that web user chose that term and to look at what your keywords are saying about the content you need for your web site.

The goal is to distil qualified keywords from the search terms fed back by your analytics software.

The qualification could be size, colour, price or any other descriptive term web users include in their searches that end up at your site.

Generating content should be evidenced led. In other words, give the web user exactly what they are seeking.

To do that, go through you web site search terms and look for keyword groupings.

For example, if someone is searching for ‘shoes’, a one word description is not that helpful.

But add some description and that key word list becomes a valuable source of content. Take the user who types ‘women’s shoes red’ or high heels red’ or ‘women’s red high heels size 6’.

These users are revealing their intent – they really want those shoes and are doing their best to find them.

Your job is to deliver the goods, so respond by offering web content with the keywords:

  • Red
  • Women’s
  • High heel
  • Shoes

The page title should be something like ‘High heeled shoes for women – buyer’s guide’

Then write an article about the women’s high-heeled shoes your web store stocks, mentioning they come in red, black and brown etc and linking the keywords in to phrases like ‘scarlet red six-inch high heeled shoes’.

Now, you have a landing page for users searching for women’s high heeled shoes – even red ones.

Even better, a buyer’s guide is evergreen content that needs little or no updating. You can include images with links to product pages or related articles to add value to the landing page.

The trick is simple – mine your search data for qualified keywords to trigger ideas for generating content.



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