How to Manage the Keyword ‘not provided’ Nightmare for Organic Traffic

For online marketers, the recent disappearance of keyword data in Google Analytics has been the biggest SEO nightmare of the year. This is a big deal because it has meant the loss of digital intelligence and the ability for marketers to understand visitor intent. Continue Reading →


The Google Hummingbird Update: The Facts

As when Google makes any type of algorithm update, a lot of website owners are concerned about Hummingbird and how it will affect their search engine rankings. If you are a website owner, you might be worried about how your site will be affected as well. Continue Reading →

See how your SEO Ranks in Google Search from Anywhere

SEO Global For Google Search is a neat extension for web masters who want to see how search results look from anywhere in the world. Continue Reading →

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Google Takes a Look at in-depth Content

Google is rolling out another major search engine optimisation change that pushes in-depth content nearer to the top of page rankings.

The search giant reckons one in 10 users go online to research broader  in-depth content topics, while the other 90% want a quick answer to a straightforward question. Continue Reading →

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Simple Tips for WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

Here are some tips for WordPress search engine optimisation that take just a few minutes to set up. Continue Reading →

How Much is Page Rank Worth to a Web Site?

The burning question for businesses and marketers is whether search engine optimisation is worth the money. Continue Reading →

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SEO Basics for Optimising Web Site Content

Checking website SEO basics regularly is all about the good stuff you can do to make your pages rank higher on search engines. Continue Reading →

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Top 5 SEO Mistakes

The internet has no shortage of so-called experts offering search engine optimisation advice, but when one of the world’s leading experts offers some tips about SEO mistakes, it’s time to listen. Continue Reading →

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Search Engines – Who are the Biggest and Best?

Most searches can be carried out through search engines and websites, so do web masters have to keep many masters happy or do they just need to follow Google’s strict rules? Continue Reading →

Google Panda

Pandemonium as New Google Search Update is Revealed

Google search update: just when web masters thought their sites were safe from another traffic mauling by Google, the search giant has signalled another algorithm change. Continue Reading →

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How Google Searches for a SEO Professional

‘How to become a SEO professional’ is one of the most popular Google searches – type the words in to the search engine and Google will come back with a results page like this: Continue Reading →

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Web Masters Focus too much on Page Ranking, says Google

Web masters and online marketers can over focus on SEO and search engine page ranking when bigger traffic gains could come from concentrating on other search aspects. Continue Reading →

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Web Search Record as Google Crown Slips again

Web searches in the UK have topped 2.7 billion in a month, a web search record – while Google dropped to the search giant’s lowest market share for five years. Continue Reading →