Building up your page rank

Top 10 Tips for Building Up Your Page Rank

Building up your page rank is necessary to boost your website rankings. Like most SEO strategies, there is both the right way to go about it and the wrong way, with short cuts and hidden paths, everything in between. But in a nut shell page rank is a link analysis algorithm which is used by search engines to determine relative importance of your link within their database. Page Rank is calculated by various algorithms made by search engines such as number of links on your site and the quality, trust and authority factor of those links. It comprises of backlinks, inbound links, internal links, external links etc.

Promote your blog

How do you promote your blogs?

So you’ve just finished writing your compelling blog post, but what about blog optimisation and how to promote your blogs. It’s not enough that you poured your passion into developing engaging content, without effective SEO, blog posts will remain known only to you and your website visitors. This article offers 10 ways to promote your blog effectively and efficiently to maximize all the established tools already at your disposal. Continue Reading →

Google Algorythm updates

Keeping up with Google Algorythm Updates

Keeping on top of every change in Google algorithm updates can be a full-time job for any webmaster. Each update impacts SEO in different ways and may necessitate changes to avoid losing your hard-earned place in search results. Continue Reading →

The Dos and Donts of Content Writing for SEO

Search engine optimisation is no longer the luxury that it once was. Today, content writing for SEO is one of the core contingencies for building and maintaining an audience in the cutthroat market environment of today. Continue Reading →

How to Manage the Keyword ‘not provided’ Nightmare for Organic Traffic

For online marketers, the recent disappearance of keyword data in Google Analytics has been the biggest SEO nightmare of the year. This is a big deal because it has meant the loss of digital intelligence and the ability for marketers to understand visitor intent. Continue Reading →

in-depth content

Google Takes a Look at in-depth Content

Google is rolling out another major search engine optimisation change that pushes in-depth content nearer to the top of page rankings.

The search giant reckons one in 10 users go online to research broader  in-depth content topics, while the other 90% want a quick answer to a straightforward question. Continue Reading →

inbound marketing

Linking Inbound Marketing with SEO

Search engine optimisation linked with inbound marketing is an unbeatable lead generation strategy for many businesses.

Some of the statistics about how inbound marketing can stimulate business are startling. Continue Reading →

seo and usability

Beyond SEO – Content, Design and Usability

The big question for marketers is once you have worked on your search engine optimisation to the nth degree, what comes next?

After all, every marketer and webmaster worth their salt are on the SEO treadmill of tweak, analyse and tweak again. Continue Reading →

anchor page

Structuring Web Content with Anchor Pages

An anchor page aligns content and keywords into a seamless honeytrap that gives visitors the information they want about the products or services they are seeking. Continue Reading →