Looking at Keyword Lists from a New Perspective

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Simon Thompson

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A new search engine optimisation idea looks at keyword lists from a different perspective.

General SEO keyword list thinking says make a list of keywords, research the traffic for each word to prioritise and research to expand the list with related words.

Now, SEO experts are adding a new dimension – looking at how web site users input different keywords depending on how close they are to conversion.

Instead of looking at a priority keyword list – starting with the most important at the top and tapering off towards the foot – think of your keywords as a target.

Conversion is the ultimate point scorer – the bull. Then, the keywords surround the conversion target in rings.

The rings work by starting with the most common keywords relating to your brand on the inside and gradually moving away from the target with less related keywords.

So the next ring would have product terms, the next keywords that your rivals compete with, then substitute terms.

For example, if your company Orange Tablets is selling handheld Pcs, then the ringed keyword list would go something like this:

  • Inner ring – Orange Tablets
  • Product terms: Tablet, Tablet Pc, Notebook Pc, Handheld Pc, Android Tablet etc
  • General terms: Competitive keywords
  • Substitute and complementary terms: Mobile Tablet, handheld computing device, games console, handheld games, DAB radio etc. Think about this section as things you can do with your product and products that are closely related like pencils and pens are to each other.

Do not forget buyer terms for your product or how your product is used. Audiences have their own slang terms for discussing their possessions and especially if it’s a gadget or a game.

One free online tool that can help with keyword lists is Soovie.

Just input the term ‘tablet’ for some idea of the most popular search terms across a range of popular search engines, like Google, Amazon, eBay and Bing.



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