The Safest Ways to Get Backlinks for SEO

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Simon Thompson

Safe Links

Link building is one of the most crucial elements of search engine optimization. Part of Google’s page ranking algorithm relates to the number of links from authoritative sites that go out to a personal or business website. Having a large number of quality links pointing to one’s site will surely increase page rank over time. However, Google has strict policies against shady link trading. Google does not like to see links to a website from “bad” sources. Bad sources can be anything from pornographic sites to spamming sites. Additionally, Google frowns upon tactics such as paid link placement, link exchange programs and such practices. A webmaster must be careful to obtain his or her links using credible methods. The following are some of the safest way to get backlinks for effective search engine optimization without upsetting the powers that be:

Write Quality Content

The first piece of advice that a website owner should heed is to continue to write quality content. Quality content will make visitors want to link to a site. If some authoritative person happens to see genuine material on a website, then that person may link to it from his or site. Quality content speaks for itself. The writer does not need to buy links.

Commenting and Guest Posting

One easy way that a person can obtain a backlink is by commenting on another person’s blog. The individual can write a guest post for another person’s blog, as well. The person will want to ensure that the information in the comment or guest post is highly relevant to the information on his or her blog. That way, visitors will get what they expect when they come by. Usually, people who click on comment links and guest post links are trying to find relevant material.

Using Backlinks Brokers

Backlink brokers are companies that have databases with thousands of website in them. The websites in the databases are willing to accept backlinks for a small donation. Google abhors websites that claim they accept paid backlinks, and the company may investigate such a website at any time. Going through a broker will offer a website owner some protection against Google penalties. The Email and Ask website is a high-quality source for obtaining backlinks. Marketer’s Center Link Building Services is another reliable place that a person can obtain a high-quality backlink. The company has years of experience, and it can promise to provide a webmaster with links from authoritative sites for a reasonable price.

Some reliable link-building agencies do exist. Website owners can receive backlinks through these sites without getting in trouble with Google. Some of the top legitimate link-building sites are Supremacy SEO, The Link Builders, Eric Ward, Linkbuildr, Marketer’s Center, Text Link Brokers and Linkvana. All seven sites have high rankings from clients because they provide their customers with safe linkage that will not lower the quality of their sites. The Link Builder’s site is listed as a site of high professionalism and etiquette.

Social Networking to Obtain Links

Social networking usually does not require any payment of any kind. The process of building links through social networking does require some work and dedication. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed and such places are an excellent way to obtain quality links back to a website. Making friends and commenting on such sites is the best way to build links. For example, someone could answer a question that another person posts on Facebook or Twitter. The user can provide a helpful answer and include a link to his or her website for people who would like to obtain additional information. The individual has just built a high-quality link by socializing and helping another person.

Bookmarking Is Legitimate

Bookmarking is another amazing practice that can help a website owner with SEO. Sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon and Technorati are great places to expand traffic to one’s website or blog. The key to building links from these sites is to engage in socialization and share other people’s work. Social participation builds trusting relationships, which will eventually convert to traffic growth. This method may not be immediate, but it can prove to be consistent over time.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another method of getting backlinks that may not require payment. A website owner can write a quality article in a specific niche and submit it to high-ranking sites such as Ezine Articles. If the article is accepted on Ezines, then Ezines will provide a link back to the author’s site. That is an example of a link from an authoritative site.

Participating in a Forum

Forums are one of the best ways to build links to a site without paying a penny. Forums are places that people go to solve each other problems and share their ideas about certain matters. A person can befriend some fellow forum members and offer them answers to questions and advice for their problems. At the end of the commentary, the person can provide a link to a relevant article that answers the question. The process does not include farming, spamming or any shady methods of obtaining traffic. The readers have the option to either visit the website or refuse to visit the website. Helping others is one of the top ways to obtain quality links. People who feel as if they received superior help will be quick to share links with their friends and family members.

Emailing Other Webmasters

Emailing other webmasters is an effective strategy for obtaining backlinks. The website in question should be quite relevant to the webmaster. All the webmaster has to do is write a brief email requesting a link out to his or her website. The webmaster can only say yes or no. If the webmaster says no, then the person may want to inquire about the reason why. The answer may help the person enhance the quality of his or her website.

Many more link-building methods are available. The webmaster must take the time to research the quality of the most popular leads.



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