Top 50 WordPress plugins for SEO

Posted on March 6, 2014 by Simon Thompson


WordPress is tool that allows writers and companies to get their message out into the world. However, WordPress is virtually useless if no one troubles to read the content. In order to increase the amount of traffic that a website receives, it is necessary to actively engage in the fine art of search engine optimisation. This article will give the top 50 wordpress plugins for SEO that can be installed to maximize the SEO quality of a site and make sure that it has an audience.

50. All In One SEO Pack
This plugin is excellent for those who are just starting with SEO and are interested in improving the number of viewers on a website. It provides basic SEO services without requiring the person maintaining the site to dig too deeply.

49. Clicky
Clicky is a plugin that will allow websites to track the types of people who visit the website and record that information so that it can be analyzed. This will allow the website to maximize its content to improve readership. Stats
This is an extremely simple plugin that is easily installed on a site. When installed, it tracks different statistics on a WordPress blog without increasing the load time.

47. WordPress Social Bar
This is essentially a plugin that adds a floating bar on a site that contains links to all of the most popular social media sites. It will allow the reader to share the content on the site more easily.

46. WP-DB Manager
In order to ensure that a site does not go down and therefore does not lose readers, it needs to be maintained regularly. This plugin will allow for databases to be repaired and restored, as well as for regular maintenance to be scheduled and performed automatically.

45. DynamicWP Contact Form
This plugin allows contact forms to be created that will enhance the reader’s experience. It is completely free to download and use.

44. WP-Optimize
Websites tend to gather a lot of junk over time, including spam posts, revisions to posts, and comments that have not been approved. This plugin will remove all of that so the website can be as effective as possible and have a fast load time.

43. VaultPress
This plugin allows a WordPress site to be backed up so that, if it is damaged, it can be recovered as soon as possible. This will minimize the traffic that will be lost, as well as reader frustration with the site being down. It will also perform daily security scans.

42. BackupBuddy
If a website needs to be moved from one server or domain to another, BackupBuddy will allow this process to happen with one click. It also backs up the WordPress site to prevent it from being down for long.

41. AddThis
This plugin will allow buttons to be added that will link to more than 330 different social networking sites. This will result in the content being shared more often and therefore ranking higher with regards to SEO.

40. ShareThis
ShareThis will allow a reader to share content directly with both the “like” button from Facebook and the Google+ button, as well as on other social media sites. It will also make it easy to share the content through email, increasing the number of pageviews.

39. WP
This will allow the different sites to load faster, therefore increasing the number of people who click on a link to the site that actually stay and read the content. It essentially optimizes JPEG compression and gets rid of any meta data, which makes the files smaller.

38. SEO Pressor
This plugin will be able to provide on-page optimization for a WordPress website which will cause it to rank much higher on Google search results pages. It is best used on huge websites that have a lot of content produced automatically.

37. Google XML Sitemaps
Google XML Sitemaps will be able to create a sitemap for a WordPress website that will make it much easier for webcrawling websites, such as Bing or Google, to index a site.

36. Robots Meta
Robots Meta will add meta text to certain pages that will be picked up by search engines, as well as cause other pages from being indexed, such as 404 pages. This will help improve a site’s ranking on a search engine.

35. WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load
WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load will only load the images that have been demanded, rather than all of them, as is customary. This will cause the site to load more quickly and reduce the chances that a user will get frustrated and leave.

34. CloudFlare
There is nothing more irritating to a reader than spam. CloudFlare will help websites deal with the problem by showing the correct IP address of the computer that was used to post the spam, as well as increase the protection a website enjoys from hackers. This will increase the number of pageviews because there will be no irritants.

33. Lightbox Plus
Lightbox Plus is a plugin that provides an image gallery script that will not significantly slow down a page. This format of showing images is popular with readers and will result in more pageviews and more social media sharing.

32. NextGen Gallery
NextGen gallery works well with Lightbox Plus and other image gallery plugins because it allows captions and alt text to be added. These captions and alt text can have keywords included in their body in order to be picked up more easily by search engines.

31. Widget Logic
Widget Logic allows websites to determine exactly where the content is going to be placed. This will allow search engines to better find the information, as well as improving reader usability.

30. Members
This plugin will allow websites to add user roles so that the website can be better maintained, increasing site functionality and improving indexing.

29. Simple URLs
Simple URLs is a plugin that will track outbound links and store that information for later analysis, allowing content to be designed to maximize the value of those links.

28. RB Internal Linking
This plugin causes the post ID to link within the website, rather than the URL itself. This reduces the chances of 404 pages being created, which can negatively harm a website’s rating on a search engine results page.

27. Use Google Libraries
This will take the JavaScript libraries and swap them out with Google’s CDN, resulting in a huge savings on the amount of bandwidth that is used to get the information.

26. SEO Friendly Images
This plugin allows different titles and alt text attributes to be added to images that have keywords. These keywords will be picked up by search engines.

25. Smart SEO Premium
Smart SEO Premium takes every page on a website and makes it SEO friendly. An SEO score is generated for each individual page, which can be analyzed to improve overall search rankings.

24. Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms allows a wide variety of different forms to be created. These forms can be used to improve a user’s experience and ensure that he or she is satisfied. This will make the user more likely to come back.

23. Twitter Feed Pro
Twitter Feed Pro creates a Twitter feed that is based on several different settings that are managed to output a website’s tweets or the tweets of another company.

22. WP Social
This plugin maximizes the fact that Google might soon be using social signals to determine rankings by using Facebook open graphs, Twitter meta, and Google Authorships.

21. Scribe SEO Premium
This helps websites figure out which keywords are the most profitable, builds links, and manages pages to make them as SEO friendly as possible.

20. SEO Smart Links
SEO Smart Links takes keywords and turns them into high quality links that will improve how a search engine indexes a site.

19. Platinum SEO Pack
The Platinum SEO Pack allows meta data to be created automatically, which can be picked up by search engines.

18. SEO Ultimate
This plugin is an all-in-one SEO tool that is completely free. It allows each page to be customized individually to improve overall search engine rankings.

17. HeadSpace2 SEO
This plugin controls all of the meta data, including analytics and advanced tagging. The meta data can be configured for everything, including posts, images, 404 pages, and search pages.

16. Apache
Apache is a tool that can be used to do an HTTP 30 redirect so that 404 pages are not indexed by search engines. If they were to be indexed, it could negatively affect search ratings.

15. Sticky Post
Sticky Post is a plugin that allows sticky notes to be posted based on a taxonomy that is customized by the user.

14. Shareaholic
Shareaholic adds a widget to a website that users can use to easily share content that is found. This will increase the audience for the content.

13. Sharebar
Sharebar adds a vertical or horizontal bar with a variety of different links that can be used to share content on social media sites.

12. Web Tracker for WordPress
This plugin tracks the keywords that are the most profitable and will benefit the company the most.

11. Category Article Pro
Category Article Pro will increase the SEO properties of the categories in a website and ensure that they directly contribute to the website’s search page ranking.

10. News SEO
News SEO is a plugin that will provide a news sitemap for a website. The sitemap will be automatically updated whenever an article is changed.

9. ExtStore Keyword Linking
ExtStore Keyword Linking is a plugin that automatically converts links from defined keywords. This will allow more people to access the site and increase readership.

8. Social SEO Spider
This tool analyzes the top eight largest social networks to monitor the number of backlinks and analyze the keyword density in order to optimize the article.

7. WP Best Rankings
This plugin is able to manage links and ensure that all of the backlinks are optimized.

6. Stat Press
Stat Press manages the statistics of those who visit a website. The information is recorded and presented in an easy-to-understand format that allows those who are managing the website to easily optimize the content.

5. Quick Cache
Quick Cache is a plugin that can be installed by those who absolutely need speed when they are creating a website. It will be able to compress files without compromising quality and optimize the servers.

4. FV Simpler SEO
The FV Simpler SEO plugin is similar to the All In One SEO Pack that is mentioned above. However, the XSS vulnerabilities with the plugin are removed. The interface has also been greatly simplified.

3. Online Backup for WordPress
Online Backup for WordPress essentially provides a backup form of the website that is saved on a cloud. The cloud will keep that form so that, should the website crash, the information from the form can be gathered and used to recover the website and have it running again as soon as possible.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast is a plugin that can essentially perform any SEO function. It is not recommended for users who are new, since it requires more technical knowledge.

1. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is a plugin that increases the performance of the servers and provides transparent content delivery in order to increase page speed.



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