Beyond SEO – Content, Design and Usability

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Simon Thompson

seo and usability

The big question for marketers is once you have worked on your search engine optimisation to the nth degree, what comes next?

After all, every marketer and webmaster worth their salt are on the SEO treadmill of tweak, analyse and tweak again.

That means that sooner or later, a web site reaches a glass ceiling in page ranking that needs some extra thought to unblock.

Which made me think what other factors should be included in the SEO to-do list every month.

Content is definitely one of the main pillars of SEO.

seo and usability

Webmasters can fiddle with tags, keywords and on-page SEO all they like, but if the content isn’t doing the job, then they need to look at what their web site visitors want to read and give it to them.

Then comes page design.

One of the problems with web site design from a writer’s point of view is web designers often manage the look and feel of a page rather than a journalist.

This may not seem a big difference, but web designers tend to be coders rather than graphic designers or writers and struggle with the relationship between print, pictures and white space.

Journalists will consider reading lines when designing pages. This assumes the reader will start at the top left and work down to the bottom right.

Web designers will plonk massive images or adverts in the middle of the flow of text which stops the visitor reading on.

So content and design are all mixed up with usability – and then SEO.

Thinking of SEO in isolation without considering the other factors will let your site hit a level, but you’re probably missing some tricks that could take you higher up the page rankings.



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