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Posted on August 30, 2013 by Simon Thompson

How It Works

Web sites need images and visual content, but finding a source of free images is a worry for web masters.

Nicking images from other sites is a no-no – it’s tantamount to plagiarism and stealing content.

The web has a few free  image sites, but photographers and graphic designers understand the value of their work and want to put a price on it.

And why not? After all, it takes time and expertise to run up graphics or to take photos, as well as the investment in software and hardware.

Finding free images for web sites that can be used without attribution is not easy.

website indexAs you shop around, you will repeatedly see the best images behind a pay screen and offered at different prices by several vendors.

One internet firm, HubSpot, has struck a deal with an image provider to offer 75 stock image photos free of charge.

The firm will let you include the images on blogs, web sites, social media pages and in emails as many times as you want without any licensing problems or royalty fees.

The only condition is you have to hand over a name and email address, which seems a pretty fair swap for the deal.

Download your free images now

Another source of free images is SXC, which has more than 400,000 images in several categories.

Always check the licence conditions, but for the most part they are royalty and attribution free.

Free Stock Images is another site with almost a million images available

A little known resource that gives mixed results is Wikimedia – an offshoot of Wikipaedia. Most of the content is under a creative commons licence that requires some kind of attribution to the original photographer so copyright is not breached.

These are just a few royalty free image sources on the internet, as and when more come to light,  we’ll include more on the web site.



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