How Much is Page Rank Worth to a Web Site?

Posted on June 30, 2013 by Simon Thompson

The burning question for businesses and marketers is whether search engine optimisation is worth the money.

The bottom line is how much is Google page ranking worth to a web site?

One way of working the figure out is by seeing how much competitors are prepared to bid for keywords through pay per click (PPC) advertising.

To try to work out the value of page rank, several factors need considering:

  • How many businesses want the keyword – demand will push up the cost of a PPC campaign
  • The traffic deriving from the keyword
  • The website conversion rate
  • The value of each sale coming from the keyword

Any calculation should also take into account the start and finish page ranking of the keyword during the PPC campaign.

A neat graphic shows the relative amount of Google traffic to a web site for page ranking, and it does not make pretty reading for anyone who does not make the heady heights of the first page of search results (PR1).

Just over 40% of all traffic goes to a PR1 ranked page. PR2 plunges from 42% to just 12% and the rest, in SEO terms are nowhere.

In plain talking 54% of traffic goes to PR1 and PR2 and 46% is shared among the rest.



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