Linking Inbound Marketing with SEO

Posted on August 4, 2013 by Simon Thompson

inbound marketing

Search engine optimisation linked with inbound marketing is an unbeatable lead generation strategy for many businesses.

Some of the statistics about how inbound marketing can stimulate business are startling.

Here are some observations about companies using inbound marketing based on research by online marketing company HubSpot:

  • 92% of websites increase traffic
  • 85% of websites increase traffic within seven months
  • Blogging is the number one method for increasing traffic, with SEO in second place
  • 92% of websitess increase their lead generation
  • 84% of companies increase the number of leads within seven months
  • 42% of companies increase their lead to-sale conversion rate
  • 50% of companies increase sales within seven months

inbound marketingSo what do these figures tell marketers about inbound marketing and SEO?

The main conclusion is the two must work together – they are not ‘either’ or ‘or’ and implementing one without the other is unlikely to give a successful long term strategy.

Building traffic and page ranking is not a short term project. Web masters won’t see their traffic fire up overnight, but should set aside time and budget for a minimum seven moth program.

The target is to increase page ranking and traffic, which in turn generates more leads for the sales team to convert. Don’t lose sight of the objective – all that work is aimed at increasing sales.

Over those seven months, many businesses switch from pay-per-click to inbound marketing to reduce their marketing spend.

They find pay per click is a good quick hit for boosting lead generation, but the competition for the best keywords in most sectors is fierce and expensive.

Inbound marketing builds silos of content around those keywords for free organic searches, so a web site becomes a trusted source of information on a specific topic.

Working on the content builds page ranking and web users will click through to web sites at the top of the first page on Google or Bing.

SEO is still at the top of the list as a must-do for web masters, but is now looked at with inbound marketing instead of in isolation as a traffic generator.



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