Understanding the role of Age old domains

Posted on June 29, 2015 by Simon Thompson

Age old Domain Names

Age old domains are an important consideration to be aware of for all you SEO newbies out there, it’s crucial to understand the reasons why Google attributes more weight to older domains. In the world of SEO, older domains maintain a competitive advantage in the eyes of Google since they have been there, done that. The older domains carry the authority factor, they are proven in the eyes of Google, if it was la Costa Nostra, the age old domains would be considered ‘made men.’

The older domains are proven to the Google gods that hold all the power and authority in the land of the internet. Google has earned the right to dictate law in the internet land, after all they are the ones that had the foresight and business acumen to go from unknown startup to law of the land in a decade.

So all newbies out there, take heart that Google itself came from nothing to dominate the globe, therefore if they can do it, you can too. Anything is possible when it comes to online miracles, just look at all the remarkable online entrepreneurial success stories out there.

Imagine Google is like a bank, and you, newbie internet entrepreneur wants to establish some online authority. Google will want to evaluate your entire profile. They want to calculate your trust factor. They want to see evidence of you delivering quality value to the consumers at large. Can you be trusted? Are you just another fly-by-night gimmick?

Just as Banks don’t just hand over millions to every start-up entrepreneur with a dream, Google doesn’t just hand out its domain authority rankings like candy. Your domain authority factor must be earned over time. But lucky for you, there is a way you can get time on your side, by starting to build quality organic and natural backlinks from delivering high quality content for web searchers.

Google wants to reward the brands that have a track record of delivering quality content. It shows they are serious and established domains with associations to other high value internet web properties as well.

Older domains tend to have more quality backlinks pointing to them. Imagine that aged quality backlinks carry proven trust factor with Google, even better when you can build a significant number linked to you. It portrays a strong endorsement factor, kind of like a positive review or testimonial from a vendor you desire to do business with.

Google’s ultimate goal is to deliver the best chances to please the consumer. If aged domains have already established their value presence and delivered over time, new startup domains are going to have to prove themselves worthy to join the proven club. It’s no different than applying for an open job position. It’s likely that HR hiring managers might opt for the candidate with a proven track record of the needed skills, than somebody who simply has potential, with all things considered equal.

The playing fields are never going to be fair or equal for everybody, especially an inexact science like SEO. It’s important to be fully aware of what you are up against. It’s wonderful that you have remarkable value and dreams, promise and potential etc. to deliver to your target market. However, the Google authorities want to see some evidence, they want to see you back up what you claim with some demonstrated expertise.

However, it’s important to understand the rules to the SEO game and then launch an effective SEO strategy. All newbies out there, understand the importance of having a well-thought out game plan and strategy. It’s important to do effective targeted keyword strategy to evaluate the competitive landscape.

You should do extra in-depth research to uncover lucrative longtail keywords that you can compete for. There are simply some niches where the aged domains have such influence and authority, you would need to spend a fortune just to compete. Therefore, the more research you can do in order to determine the best keywords for your budget, the higher your chances for success.

Age old domains carry more trust and authority factor with Google, therefore if they give more weight to older domains, newbies have to figure out the best strategies to deliver more enhanced value than the older domains.

At the end of the day, if newbies can deliver unique and valuable content in a targeted and focused SEO strategy based on highlighting their strengths, they can also score valuable authority and trust factor scores with Google. Understand the rules to the game, then device your game plan accordingly.



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