Useful Links

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Hey, it’s the share economy. Here are some of the tried and trusted sites I recommend checking out if you have time…

SPN – Tech, Social Media & Search Engine News – great site for keeping up to date on tech and SEO news. – great site for identifying crawl and indexing issues. – great site for analysing your positioning, strengths, weaknesses against competitors.

Matt Cutts YouTube Videos – Google Insider, everything he says is FACT. Sometimes he says’s things like ‘to my knowledge’, you can take those as a ‘YES’.

Google Webmaster Videos – Need I say more?

Search Engine Land – If you want to get seo blogs everyday and keep up to date, sign up to this site.

Moz Blog – Lots of Q and A’s, comments from SEO professionals. I need to spend more time on there.

Rand Fishkin’s Blog – This guy is a legend when it comes to SEO and explains things well

Majestic SEO – great site for reviewing your backlink profile.

SEO Quake – This is a handy tool that automatically gives you page rank information, the alexa ranking of each site and is good for analysing keywords on Google.

SerpBook – Great site for keeping up to date with all your keyword rankings across multiple search engines

Hope you find them useful? Feel free to share them using the share links.

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