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Posted on September 24, 2013 by Simon Thompson

SEO Global For Google Search is a neat extension for web masters who want to see how search results look from anywhere in the world.

Developers Redfly Marketing claim the slick extension for Firefox and Chrome only triggers when the user is on the Google search results page, so the browser is not slowed down by bloating the code and shows search results from other countries, cities or even post code areas as if you were searching from that place.

Who should use SEO Global For Google Search?

Pay Per Click advertising managers who want to see how adverts perform in other places – and who want to view the ad from where their client is sitting

Web masters checking search engine optimisation and page ranking in remote locations

What does SEO Global For Google Search reveal to web masters?

With the extension installed, web masters can see paid and organic Google search results as if they were carrying out the search from any postcode, city or country.

Searches can even drill down to specific IP addresses and display results in multiple tabs.

Web masters can view search results in different languages and save them for reporting and comparison.

How does SEO Global For Google Search work?

The best way to use Google Global is to search as normal and then either right click and select an option from the context menu or click on the tool bar icon that is installed at the top right of the browser in the menu bar.

Adding search parameters

For web masters who want to add default searches, SEO Global For Google Search has an option to add by domain type, ie .fr for France, by city, by region like US-CA for California

Where to get the extension

Go to the SEO Global For Google Search web site and download for free or go to the Mozilla Firefox or Chrome extension galleries

For more information go to the Redfly Marketing  web site



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